26.6.1942  Crash of WELLINGTON Z 1269   


kpt. obs.  JAKUBOWSKI Franciszek Jan

kpr. r/op. strz. KWIECIŃSKI Jerzy Andrzej

kpr. strz. NIEMECZEK Teofil

st. strz. strz. STACHURSKI Władysław

ppor. pil. USZPOLEWICZ Bolesław
por. pil. ŻELAZIŃSKI Bogumił

R.A.F. Polish

On 26.3.1942 at 22.27 hours Wellington Z 1269 BH-L has been shot down near the Dutch coast during a raid on Essen by the German nightfighter Prinz Zur Lippe Weissenfeld.

The aircraft crashed in the "Balg Canal" 3,5 kilometer south/east of the Airfield De Kooy, the Netherlands.

Four crew members have been killed. Two of them are missing.

See the Dutch publication "Wespennest Leeuwarden" written by Ab. A. Jansen,
ISBN 90 6045 122 8. Part I page 221.

But...... the following facts are also known:

St.strz. strz. STACHURSKI Władysław, ppor. pil. USZPOLEWICZ Bolesław and por. pil. ŻELAZIŃSKI Bogumił have been buried on 31.3.1942 in the militairy plot of the "Huisduinen Cemetery" in the graves 133, 119 and 120.

Later on on 4.4.1942 have been buried in the same Cemetery kpt. obs. JAKUBOWSKI Franciszek Jan and an Unknown Polish Airman in the graves 135 and 136.

However in a Polish list with the titel "WYKAZ" Published in 1952 by the Sikorski Institute at London is to be find the subjoined statement:

This is sofar known never investigated!!

On 26.3.1942 there was found near the wreck a very mutilated body wearing a white pullover. The body has been buried on 4.4.1942 as "Unknown" in grave 136 in the Huisduinen Cemetery.
Today this mortal remainders are resting in grave 31.A.7. in the British War Cemetery at Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. Anyhow it is clear that this concerned one of the two missing crew members of Wellington Z 1269.