R.A.F. Polish

photo: Rob Philips

Date of death
Today buried
SKARŻYŃSKI Stanisław Jakub
P 1252
1.5.1899 Warta p. Sieradz 
R.A.F. Polish
305 Sqdn. (Wielskopolski)
West-Terschelling General Cemetery, Isle of Terschelling, the Netherlands
grave 62

By way of exception in 1983 mrs. Julia Priester's ashes have been entombed into 
her  husband's grave. 
That's why a tablet was installed with the Polish text: "ZAWSZE RAZEM JULIA", 
which means: "FOR EVER TOGETHER, JULIA".
On 26.6.1942 Wellington Z 8528 SM-R stationed at Lindholme had to be 
emergency-landed as a result of engine trouble 14 miles from 
Great Yarmouth near Norwich in the North Sea.

F./Lt. Nowak Kazimierz, F./Lt. Rudowski Edward, Sgt. Schmidt Władysław and P/O Szybka Józef have been rescued by a British High Speed Launch.

Group Captain (ppłk) Skarżyński Stanisław Jakub washed ashore on 21.7.1942 on the Isle of Terschelling.

As 4 of te 5 crew were rescued, the airceaft did not crash. It was emergency landed at sea. [About this cemetery] [Click for more details] [His name is mentioned on the Polish Air Force memorial at Northolt, U.K.] HOME ABBREVIATIONS ALPHABET