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Neuman Eugenia
20.1.1922 Warszawa
Armia Krajowa = Polish Home Army
13.4.1945 Oberlangen
in Kriegsgräberstätte of Stalag 6C at Oberlangen Germany

Neuman Eugenia, Miarka Kazimierz and Napieralski Jan died on the same day. 
Then all three of them were buried near the POW-camp of Oberlangen.
In what way they lost their lives was n't recorded in writing.
A motor-car accident? 

Both Miarka Kazimierz and Napieralski Jan served in the 2 Pułk Pancerny.

It has led to confusion about the place where both men were buried, because 
the title of the used ordnance-map mentions Groningen.
Therefore, it was assumed, that they were buried in or near the town of Groningen 
in Holland, but that was clearly not the case.
The ordnance-map also covers a small part of Germany, in which part you 
find Oberlangen.

Alas, the burial place 1 km. from the former POW-camp Oberlangen has been 
seriously neglected. Gravestones disappeared and none of the three graves 
mentioned above, was found. 

A written confirmation of the rumour, that Napieralski's grave might be exhumed
to Thuine, is nowhere to be found there either.

About Klank Zbigniew, who died on 27.7.1945, it is about the same story.

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