R.A.F. Polish

photo: Alison Head

Date of death
sierż. pil.
28.3.1916 Pietoki
R.A.F. Polish
307 Sqdn.
18.7.1942 Darmouth, U.K.

O.R.B. Exeter

04.35 Beaufighter VIF. X.8131 crashed in the sea 15 miles S.E. of Darmouth. 
The pilot had reported that the port engine had failed and he was returning to 
base on starboard engine. 

A few minutes later he gave "emergency landing" over R.T. and nothing [Illegible] 
further was heard. 

Aircraft were sent out to drop flares and search for the crew but without success.

05.10 Beaufighter VIF. X.8027 landed and reported contact with raid 105 at 
10.000 ft. but no visual due to clouds. 

Another contact was obtained without A.I. but was lost. 

The pilot was vectored on again as the raid was returning losing height and 
travelling very fast. 

When 1½ away from the raid and closing in our pilot had to abandon the 
chase as he had only 15 minutes petrol left. 

During the hours of daylight the search for the crew of Beaufighter X.8131 
Aircraft of this Unit and No. 247 Squadron with aircraft and vessels of the 
Air/Sea Rescue Service searched the area in the vicinity of the crash. 

The body of P.O. Lissowski was recovered from the sea but no trace 
of the pilot, F/Sgt. Illaszewicz was found. 
Day weather conditions at night were also suitable for flying and both 
training and operational flights were made.

Source: http://orb.polishaf.pl/unit/307sqn

[His name is mentioned on the Polish Air Force memorial at Northolt, U.K.]

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