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BAKOWSKI Polycarpe
10.3.1910 Obiewol (Netzgrund, Poland)
Belgian Secret Army
7.9.1944 near the village Lozer, Belgium
Common Cemetery, Lozer Belgium 

Polycarpe Bakowski, member of the Belgian Secret Army, was shot down 
from an ambush by Germans in the night of 6 to 7 September 1944 during 
the Liberationdays of the region between Leie and Schelde, Belgium.
Together with him two other resistance men Leon D'Haene and André 
Gommers were killed.
The incident took place near a brook (the Leegbeek), territory of Nazareth, 
a few hundred metres beyond the boundary with the village of Lozer. 
At that time part of the municipality of Huise and since 1977 belonging 
to the municipality of Kruishoutem.
The three resistance men have been buried on the common cemetery of 
the village Lozer.